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29.04.2008 - 20:57: RE: FAQ | Zitieren Zitieren

Hallo Frank,

Die Version 2.0 war damals meine erste Version gewesen, und ich hatte damals auf 2.001 Rel.3 geupdated.

d.h. das 2.01 Update in Deutsch ist eine kostenpflichtige Angelegenheit gewesen? Die Patches von 2.01 auf 2.01-001 bzw. 2.01-003 findet man in diversen Quellen.

Ich hatte auch mal eine Version, bei der die Disketten mit "GeoWorks 2.0 Stuffe B" beschriftet waren irgendwo herbekommen, dann aber weitergegeben weil s grosse Disketten waren. War das am Ende ein 2.01 Update?



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29.04.2008 - 21:07: RE: FAQ | Zitieren Zitieren


ja, während es die US-Version auch kostenlos zum Download gab, mußte man das deutsche Update teuer kaufen.




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30.04.2008 - 00:32: GlobalPC in Brasilien? | Zitieren Zitieren

Wer das mit dem GlobalPC und den 75000 Geräten samt Vertrag mal nachlesen möchte, hier die Meldung des Business Wire aus Alameda vom 23. August 2000: cles/mi_m0EIN/is_2000_August_2 3/ai_64493322

MyTurn Signs First Sublicensing Agreement for GEOS Operating System; Brazil's TCE Agrees to Produce 750,000 GlobalPC's for Distribution in Brazil

Business Wire, August 23, 2000
E-mail Print Link Business and Technology Editors

ALAMEDA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 23, 2000, Inc. (Nasdaq: MYTN), today announced at Comdex/SUCESU '2000, a sublicensing agreement with consumer electronics powerhouse TCE to exclusively manufacture and to distribute its GlobalPC(TM) product in Brazil.

The Company is moving towards finalizing a comprehensive sublicense and manufacturing contract in order to begin production prior to the fourth quarter of 750,000 GlobalPC units for Brazil. MyTurn's GlobalPC utilizes GEOS(R), an alternative operating system to Microsoft's Windows.

This marks MyTurn's first sublicensing agreement of the GEOS(R) operating system, as well as its first international sales and distribution initiative for the GlobalPC, a truly easy-to-use, full-featured computer bundled with a complete suite of personal productivity tools including Internet and e-mail access capabilities, word processing, spreadsheets, database, home banking, address book, a calendar, games and more.

TCE will sublicense certain rights to the GEOS(R) operating system, along with MyTurn's application suite of productivity software and Internet browser. Through TCE, the GlobalPC will be manufactured and distributed direct to more than 1,200 resellers and major chain store retailers throughout Brazil.

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30.04.2008 - 00:43: GlobalPC und Walmart | Zitieren Zitieren

Und hier die Meldung vom 16. August 1999 über den geplanten Vetrieb durch Walmart: 229887.html&

Wal-Mart, Kmart to sell Windows-less PCs on the cheap

By Joe Wilcox
Staff Writer, CNET
Published: August 16, 1999 4:50 PM PDT

Welcome Google user!
More headlines related to "globalpc brasil":

IBM shows off new Linux buyers
Supercomputers getting super-duper
The week ahead: Earnings time
It's earnings time

Another low-cost PC that doesn't need Windows is being readied for the Christmas rush, and it may be coming to a Wal-Mart or Kmart near you.
That's the plan at Compu-Dawn, which announced today the two retailers had committed to carrying its $299 GlobalPC. The system also uses the relatively easy-to-use GEOS operating system, which is more commonly used in non-PC devices such as Nokia cellular phones. The company is banking on a desire among consumers for a box that is relatively cheap, but also powerful enough to run familiar applications.

But, while the concept may work on paper, some observers believe it may be a little too late. Manufacturers of standard PCs are meeting, and even undercutting, the price offered by GlobalPC. The appeal of having a non-Windows machine may also be overstated.

"So many people use their PCs at work for so many tasks, I don't buy that ease-of-use argument anymore," said Lindy Lesperance, analyst with Technology Business Research. "You have Mattel making Barbie and Hot Wheels PCs for five-year-olds to use. And they'll probably do well after their parents show them how."

The price difference between a $399 Emachines PC that runs popular Windows programs and games and that of the GlobalPC may be just too close for many consumers, said Lesperance.

In addition, these systems often get coupled with $400 rebates when customers agree to multiyear ISP contracts. Since most customers will sign up for ISP service, this can make PC deals cheaper in the long run, according to analysts.

Compu-Dawn chairman R.E. "Teddy" Turner admitted that, because it Windows-less, getting retailers to carry GlobalPC is tough. But Turner argued Nokia's phones lend credibility to GEOS. "It's been used in outside applications, but it's never been put back into the PC."

If Compu-Dawn is to succeed, it must demonstrate that its proprietary operating systems and programs, among them a Microsoft Word compatible word processor, is enough and buyers won't eventually want more.

"What they?re trying to do is drive to lower price points," said Shelly Olhava, analyst with International Data Corporation "I think the problem is going to be if consumers want a system they know is going to be compatible with a lot of other systems out there."

"If you're doing PowerPoint, get a different computer," said Turner. "If you're going to play games, buy a Sony PlayStation."

Because GlobalPC is not compatible with Windows, Compu-Dawn must also woo software developers, especially for games. This, Turner said, shouldn't be a problem, particularly considering GEOS' heritage and cell phone connections.

"Build it and they will come," said Turner. "If we can get the computers in the market place, there will be people lined up to write software for it."

In any event, GlobalPC isn't alone. In the near future, Microworkz, the sometimes controversial discount PC maker, is expected to release its iToaster, an Internet access device run on the Be operating system. The iToaster will cost $199 and come with free Internet service, according to Rick Latman, Microworkz chief executive. The system will be sold at a large, nationwide PC dealer, Latman said.

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30.04.2008 - 00:55: GlobalPC und 75000 Compu-DAWN Aktien | Zitieren Zitieren

Und hier ein Finanzplan von Compu-Dawn vom 30. Juli 1999, wo erwähnt wird, dass man 75000 Aktien bereitstellt! 99/11/22/16/0001021771-99-0001 52/Section8.asp

Auszug daraus:

On July 30, 1999 the Company signed an asset purchase agreement
to acquire substantially all tangible and intangible assets of
GlobalPC, Inc. of Alameda, California. GlobalPC has developed
enhancements to GEOS, a simplified, user friendly, low cost
computer operating system owned by Geoworks, Inc. In addition,
GlobalPC has developed a series of software applications. The
GEOS operating software is to be embedded in a low cost "easy to
use" personal computer (the "GlobalPC Device"), along with the
application software developed by GlobalPC. A closing of the
asset purchase is based on several conditions being met,
including, among others, the determination of the Company's board
of directors that the transaction is fair to the Company and its
stockholders, and obtaining a GEOS license agreement which
contains terms satisfactory to the Company.

In consideration for the assets and the assumption of certain
liabilities from GlobalPC, the Company has agreed to issue a
number of shares of common stock ranging from 624,284 to 699,284
, and Class A Warrants to purchase up to 2,269,284 Common
Shares, Class B Warrants to purchase up to 1,901,400 Common
Shares and Class C Warrants to purchase up to 383,000 Common
Shares. All the warrants are exercisable at $4.875 per share, the
closing price of the Company's common stock on July 29, 1999.

Ruhig mal in diesem Dokument mit Ctrl-F die Internet Explorer-Suchfunktion nach GlobalPC starten und überrascht sein!

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30.04.2008 - 01:11: David Greenspan war Shareholder bei GlobalPC! | Zitieren Zitieren

Und hier ein weiteres Dokument in GlobalPC-Internas!

http://google.brand.edgar-onli tchFilingHTML1?SessionID=jB3BW OiAJCtsGo0&ID=1220258& AnchorName=HH_&AnchorDista nce=0&BeginHTML=%3Cb%3E%3C font+color%3D%22%23cc0000%22%3 E&EndHTML=%3C%2Ffont%3E%3C %2Fb%3E&SearchText=%3CNEAR %2F4%3E(%22JOSEPH%22%2C%22ANTO NINI%22)

Sogar David Greenspan hat Aktien!

6) Bonus was paid in Common Shares valued at $6.375 per share pursuant to's 1999 Bonus Pool Plan. Pursuant to the 1999 Bonus Pool Plan the following named executives were awarded the following number of Common Shares:

Name Number of
---- Common Shares

Robert E. Turner, IV 75,000
Paul K. Danner 40,000
Rudy C. Theale 75,000
David Greenspan 32,000
Louis Libin 10,000
Christopher Liston 35,000 registered these Common Shares for resale on February 14, 2000.

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30.04.2008 - 01:26: War Wal-Mart in Brasilien GlobalPC-Verkäufer? | Zitieren Zitieren

Vielleicht plante MyTurn, dass die Verkäufe in Brasilien auch über Wal-Mart gehen sollten: cles/mi_m0WUB/is_/ai_55558600

GlobalPC, An Easy-to-use, Affordable Personal Computer, to be Sold in Wal-Mart, Kmart; Additional Mass Market Retailers Expected to Sign on by Fourth Quarter `99 - Company Business and Marketing

Edge: Work-Group Computing Report, August 23, 1999

Compu-DAWN, provider of GlobalPC - a simplified, low cost personal computer with integrated software suite - announced Monday that the company has received initial commitments from Wal-Mart, Kmart and additional mass merchant retailers to support the launch of Global PC in a three-market roll out this fall subsequent to closing on the anticipated GlobalPC, Inc. asset acquisition.

"Wal-Mart and Kmart have nearly 6,000 storefronts combined, and Wal-Mart alone sees 100 million shoppers each week," Compu-DAWN Chairman R.E. "Teddy" Turner said. "Not only is the potential for sales volume high, but these outlets are ideal for the GlobalPC target audience - people who want to keep technology simple, and who want to buy their PC where they shop for other household staples."

The $299 retail price GlobalPC product is expected to be rolled out in Minneapolis, MN, Indianapolis, IN and Tampa, FL, in the fourth quarter. Compu-DAWN expects the product to be introduced nationally by several additional retailers, in the first quarter of 2000.

Wal-Mart, the nation's largest retailer, has 3,644 stores located throughout the U.S., and Puerto Rico, Canada, China, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Argentina and South Korea. Kmart has 2,161 stores located throughout the U.S., as well as in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Islands and Guam.

Compu-DAWN provides Internet-based e-commerce and communications products and services to customers throughout North America. Compu-DAWN is based in Jacksonville, Florida, and can be accessed via the Web at

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30.04.2008 - 16:10: RE: FAQ | Zitieren Zitieren

thass schrieb:

d.h. das 2.01 Update in Deutsch ist eine kostenpflichtige Angelegenheit gewesen? Die Patches von 2.01 auf 2.01-001 bzw. 2.01-003 findet man in diversen Quellen.

Ich hatte auch mal eine Version, bei der die Disketten mit "GeoWorks 2.0 Stuffe B" beschriftet waren irgendwo herbekommen, dann aber weitergegeben weil s grosse Disketten waren. War das am Ende ein 2.01 Update?

Äh, nö.

Jetzt wo du es sagst, haben meine grauen Zellen wieder was ausgespuckt.
Es gab bei der 2.0 auch Rel. A und Rel. B
Danach kam die 2.001 mit zumindest Rel. 003.
-Ob es da auch Rel. 001 oder 002 gegeben hat, weiß ich jetzt nicht.
Ob- und wie sich diese verschiedenen Reseases voneinander unterscheiden, weiß ich nicht.

Gruß Frank

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